Aagney Consulting LLC
          Imagination through Execution.

                          Your Partner in Wireless and Data Networking Technology, Management and Solutions.
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Aagney Consulting LLC is a Mobile Wireless and IP Data Network Technology Development,
Software/Systems Engineering and Technical Management consulting services company. Our
leadership team has been helping wireless carriers, equipment vendors, enterprise businesses,
transportation industries and startup companies build new technology, products, networks and
services for over 20 years. We bring combined experience of leading R&D, industry associations
and management expertise to help companies achieve their goals with significantly reduced cost
and time.
What We Do ?
We work with our clients to understand their vision and business needs and help them transform
the vision into deliverables. We provide valuable technical services to lead and manage projects
from concept validation and implementations to product launch. Our range of expertise includes:

- Market and Technology Research
- Business Case Analysis
- Defining/Evaluating new Technologies, Standards and Solutions
- Requirements Specifications
- End-to-End Systems, Software, Solution  Design/Architecture/Testing
- Systems/Software Capacity and Performance Analysis
- Lead/Manage cross-functional teams and vendors
- Strong Project Management skills to ensure successful completion of                                         
Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Certifications and Product Launch.
Managed core network technology
Infrastructure and Device
Management projects for large
wireless carriers.  
Developed Cloud based M2M,
telematics and wireless
communications technology and
solutions for energy, automotive and
mass transit industries.
Major Expertise:
Technology Strategy
Software Engineering
Systems Engineering
Program Management
Product Management
Vendor Management
Contracts Negotiations
Developed embedded
for equipment vendors
Involved with CDMA/CDG, 3GPP2,
IEEE, WiMax and Smart Grid standards
Offices in Phoenix, AZ and Silicon Valley, CA                                                            Contact Us
What is our Philosophy ?
At Aagney Consulting we believe in, "It's not how much you know or how much you have? It's all
about realizing what you know?, what you have? what you can do with it
? and acting on it".